Marcel Jansen, PADI Course Director

Marcel Jansen

Marcel Jansen, PADI Course Director

Nationality : Dutch

Languages : Dutch, German, English

Diving since : 2000

Dives : 5000+


Course Director

Teaching people to scuba dive is my life!

I have been a PADI Instructor since 2003 and a PADI Course Director since 2018.

Introducing people to the underwater world is just amazing! It is not just about that certification card, is it? You’re introducing people to a whole new world

I love sharing my experience of working and teaching in many different countries around the world, without being pretentious! I started working as a diving professional in 2002. I still love teaching all levels of courses and I still learn things myself with every course that I teach!

I care about our oceans! I would like to do more than just raise awareness of the many threats to our planet. That is why in all IDC’s we will actively support some marine environment protection organisations like SeaShepherd.

Learning the skills and knowledge to become a Diving Instructor is important. But I hope my courses are more than just that! It is about sharing my passion. Passion for diving, passion for teaching, caring about our planet.

Talk to you soon! Marcel

My cards

PADI Course Director

EFR Instructor Trainer

Specialty Instructor for:

Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Specialty Instructor Trainer for:

Deep diver

Digital UW Photographer

Drift diver

Enriched air diver

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Underwater naturalist

Underwater navigator

Search and recovery diver

Wreck diver

Aware shark conservation diver

AWARE dive against debris

Self-reliant diver