5 Reasons to become a PADI MSDT

The MSDT prep course is an great add-on to your IDC. One of our most popular packages is our Go Pro ‘MSDT’ package. MSDT – Master Scuba Diver Trainer, is the ‘next step up’ from Open Water Scuba Instructor.

During the MSDT Prep course you will learn how to teach 5 PADI Specialty courses, on top of the Nitrox Instructor’ that is already included for free in our Go Pro ‘OWSI’ package. So, after completing the MSDT Prep course, you will be able to teach 6 PADI Specialty courses!

The MSDT Prep course is a great way to finish off the IDC! There is very little classroom time. We simply go diving! After passing the Instructor Exam and becoming a PADI Instructor, what better way is there to celebrate then to go diving on the amazing divesites around Phuket?

Here are 5 important reasons to become a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer:

Increased job opportunities

The PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating sets you apart from other dive instructors. It shows that you take continuing education seriously (Potential employers like this.) Being an MSDT signifies that you’ve got the experience and certifications to offer a wide level of courses to entry level divers as well as experienced divers. For dive centers it is very important to be able to offer a variety of continued education courses to customers who started their diving adventure with them. Every dive center will tell you that it is much easier to ‘upsell’ courses to existing customers than to find new Open Water course students.

Teach what you love

If you ask experienced diving instructors which course they love to teach most, many instructors will mention a PADI Specialty course. It makes sense. If you love underwater photography then you will love teaching this to your students. If you have a special interest in wrecks, then you will love teaching the PADI Wreck diving Specialty.
Off course it is fun to teach Open Water diver courses but teaching many different courses will make your instructor job much more interesting. Teaching Specialty courses will bring variation to your daily routine. Experienced divers will challenge you in a different way and will keep your teaching skills sharp.

Set the right example

Do you think that divers should stop their education after their Open Water course? No, off course not! There are many new things to learn and many dive sites to explore. It is fun to try new things!
This is certainly something that you will tell your students. If you want them to continue their dive education then you should show them that you do the same.

PADI Specialty Instructor course

Go places

If you want to work in a place where a specific type of diving is very popular, off course it helps if you can teach this Specialty course. Not only will it increase your chance on finding a job but also shows potential employers that you have the experience that they are looking for. For instance, if you go to a place that is famous for its wrecks, it helps if you can teach the Wreck diving Specialty course.
If you always dive with entry level students, then your diving will be limited to ‘entry level dive sites’. Teaching PADI Specialty courses will allow you to also visit the local dive sites that are deeper and are rated for ‘more experienced divers’.

It is fun!

Don’t get me wrong. Doing your IDC is a lot of fun! But it is also hard work. All students spend many hours studying theorie and practicing their dive skills in the pool. After passing the Instructor Exam and becoming a PADI diving instructor, what better way is there to celebrate then to go diving? A great way to finish your Instructor training is to visit the best dive sites around Phuket like Phi Phi National Park, King Cruiser wreck and Shark Point.

Read more about our MSDT prep course here ….

Asia Scuba Instructors Blog is written by Course Director Marcel Jansen. Asia Scuba Instructors runs PADI Instructor Courses in multiple locations around Asia.

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