10 Tips on how to be successful in your PADI IDC …

and how Asia Scuba Instructors can help you with that!

So, you decided to become a PADI dive instructor? Congratulations on taking the plunge! Completing the PADI IDC (Instructor Development Course) is an exciting step towards becoming a dive instructor. To help you become a confident PADI diving instructor, we’ve compiled 10 valuable tips for success in your PADI IDC instructor course. Whether you’re an experienced PADI Divemaster or coming straight from your DM course, coming from PADI or another organisation, these tips will make sure that you get the most out of your IDC and emerge as a skilled and confident PADI Instructor.


Dive deep into dive theory:

One of the foundations of a successful PADI IDC is a solid understanding of dive theory. Take the time to immerse yourself in topics such as physics, physiology, equipment, and decompression theory.
By mastering dive theory, you’ll not only excel in your PADI IDC exams but you will also become a confident instructor. A deep understanding of the dive theory will help you to recognize and avoid potential problems or hazards while teaching your courses. It will also help you to answer all kinds of questions you get from your students and so, gain their confidence.

If you decide to join Asia Scuba Instructors IDC, you can use our online classroom filled with dive theory explanations and practice exams. Passing the theory part of the PADI IDC exam will be a breeze!


Practice real teaching skills:

Effective teaching is one of the basic skills of being a successful dive instructor. During your PADI IDC, you will practice delivering presentations, conducting briefings, and providing constructive feedback to your students.
Imagine how you would do these presentations with real students. Focus on becoming a confident instructor, rather then on getting high scores.

Instead of learning to read the presentations from your slates and scoring the points to pass the instructor exam, in our IDC we focus on the how and why. We will perfect your teaching techniques, communication skills, and ability to convey complex conceptsĀ in a clear and engaging manner. Preparing you to start teaching your first courses.

PADI IDC Moalboal September 2023

Be open to new experiences:

The PADI IDC is an immersive and exciting experience that will challenge you both intellectually and physically. Embrace the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, try new teaching techniques and styles. Learn from your course director and learn from other candidates. By embracing new experiences with an open mind and positive attitude, you’ll expand your skill set and confidence as a dive instructor.


Seek mentorship and guidance:

Don’t hesitate to seek guidance and mentorship from your course directors and from other experienced dive instructors and that you will meet during your PADI IDC journey. Tap into their wealth of knowledge, expertise, and practical teaching experience to enhance your learning and development. Ask questions, seek advice, and leverage their mentorship to accelerate your progress as a dive instructor.


Prioritize safety above all else:

As a dive instructor, the safety of your students is your utmost priority. In Asia Scuba Instructors IDC we devote more time and attention than in any other IDC to risk management strategies and the importance of role model behavior. As an example, have a look at this post about ‘situational awareness’. You’ll get a deep understanding of the background of PADI’s standards and guidelines for safe diving practices, and you will learn to lead by example as a confident and safety-conscious PADI Instructor.


Practice, practice, practice:

Mastery comes through repetition and practice. There will be plenty of opportunities to practice your diving skills and your teaching techniques in simulated teaching scenarios. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You can learn a lot from your mistakes and the mistakes of other candidates.
We’re not looking for perfection. After more than 20 years of teaching experience, I have yet to teach a ‘perfect’ course.
Although it can be very efficient and it will save time to complete part of your PADI IDC online, at Asia Scuba Instructors we prefer one on one, practical instruction above online teaching.



Don’t focus on the exam:

It is not difficult to pass the PADI instructor exam (IE). Some IDCs focus on just that; Learning a few ‘tricks’ to score enough points and pass the IE. During the IE you will be role-playing instructor and student. If a student is unable to clear his mask, the instructor points at his nose and the problem is solved.
This way you will learn to pass the exam but of course, it doesn’t work like that in real life.

In Asia Scuba Instructors IDC we focus on realistic teaching scenarios and you will gain a deeper understanding of how to teach basic diving skills. Read my blog post about ‘teaching mask clearing’ and you’ll know what I mean.
Instead of teaching you tricks to pass the IE, we will make you a great instructor. You will be confident and ready to start teaching your first courses and passing the IE will be a walk in the park.


Embrace your passion for diving:

Above all else, embrace your passion for diving! It’s easy to forget this when you spend a lot of time in the classroom and swimming pool. Your passion for diving and love for the underwater world are the main reason to start your PADI IDC and become a diving instructor in the first place. You’ll find yourself with a course director and fellow candidates who share this passion. After completing your PADI IDC you will be able to share your passion with the rest of the world!


PADI IDC Moalboal September 2023


Don’t stop after the IE:

After passing the IE and receiving your PADI instructor certification you are authorized to teach all basic PADI courses up to Divemaster. However, there are many more PADI courses that are great fun to teach. Adding a few PADI Specialty instructor courses, or even the MSDT program after your PADI IDC will make it much easier to find a job as a PADI instructor and also gives you the opportunity to add some great dives with your course director.


Start working on your career:

Completing your PADI IDC is the start of your diving career and you can already start working on your career during your course. Anyway, during the IDC you will develop an understanding of what it takes to become a confident PADI instructor and what skills and attitude dive centers are looking for when they hire new staff.
It’s a good moment to rewrite your resume and of course, your course director can help you with that.

Asia Scuba Instructors offers real job-finding assistance (no sketchy internships!) and we can help you kickstart your career by helping you find a job within our network of dive centers throughout Asia.

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