PADI Instructor Manual 2020

In early February, as a benefit of your PADI® Membership, download the 2020 edition of the PADI Instructor Manual along with the errata document from the PADI Pros’ Site – Training Essentials/Digital Instructor Manual. Translations will be added as they become available.

This new edition includes changes and clarifications announced in 2019 Training Bulletins as well as a few key changes highlighted here:

  • In the Open Water Diver Course Instructor Guide, “or diagonally” was added to the performance requirement for the Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent in Confined Water Dive 3.
  • In the Rescue Diver Course Instructor Guide, there are new reminders about sequencing including to conduct Rescue Exercises in sequence because each exercise builds upon previously learned skills. Also, a requirement to: Complete Rescue Exercises 1-6 before Rescue Scenario 1 and Exercises 7-10 before Rescue Scenario 2.
  • In the Divemaster Course Instructor Guide, the Dive Skills Workshop skills list was changed to match the 24 skills demonstrations required in the revised Instructor Development Course (IDC). Basically, the skin diving skills were substituted with skills from the Open Water Diver course not previously on the list, such as disconnect low pressure inflator, re-secure a loose cylinder band and emergency weight drop. Also, candidates are now required to demonstrate specific skills while neutrally buoyant to earn a score of 5. These changes make it possible to use the revised Skill Evaluation Slate (60290) during this workshop.
  • The ReActivate® Program Instructor Guide was updated with information about using the program to refresh divers from other organizations.
  • In the Professional Membership Guide, an exit requirement was added to Specialty Instructor Training Course requiring PADI Divemasters to complete the IDC curriculum component – Learning and Teaching Workshop with scenarios specific to the specialty. This requirement has been in place, but now clearly identifies which IDC curriculum component to use.
  • Also in the Professional Membership Guide, announced changes for certain TecRec Instructor and Instructor Trainer ratings were updated, and the number of freediver certifications required to apply directly for Freediver Specialty ratings was changed to 10.

Be sure you understand and implement all standards changes into your training programs.

This article originally appeared in the 1st Quarter 2020 edition of the Training Bulletin.


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