Forget about football! This international SHOOTOUT is far more exciting for divers!


From 15 to 23 June 2018, two teams will compete in a live underwater photographic challenge sponsored by One team will be in the critter-rich tropical waters of the Lembeh Strait, Indonesia, whilst the other will be in the amazing temperate kelp forests at Gulen, Norway. With top photographers Alex Mustard and Keri Wilk acting as team captains it promises to be an exciting match. Let’s kick off!!



How it will work

The Shootout is a live underwater shootout combining an individual competition with a team event between two resorts, one at Lembeh Resort and the other at Gulen Dive Resort. There will be three contest categories: Nudibranchs, Fish and Invertebrates and Wide Angle. The event will consist of a practice day for each category, followed by a contest day.

At the end of each contest day, team captains will submit a portfolio of participant’s images from each resort. This is where YOU come in. During the SHOOTOUT, images will be posted on the SHOOTOUT website from each day’s competition shooting. Please check in a vote for your favorites.

Remember this is not just an individual competition, but also a team event and the team with the most winning images will be declared the winners of the SHOOTOUT. Be sure to submit your vote on

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