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New PADI job board

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Finding PADI Instructor jobs

The PADI Job board has always been one of the more reliable places to find diving instructor jobs.
The interface was very outdated (like the rest of the PADI Pro site) but PADI is working hard to improve things.
Recently PADI has completely updated the PADI job board.

The new Job Board offers many features to help PADI Dive centers manage job postings. Candidates have the option to create a profile and have more options to search and apply for jobs. The new Job Board supports 20+ languages.

New Features for PADI Dive Centers and Resorts

Upon logging in, the first thing that prospective employers will notice is a new dashboard experience to help better manage job postings and applicants. At a glance, retail and resort members can see . . .

  • Notifications making it easy to identify new job applicants
  • Application statistics summarizing the total number of job posts, number of CVs/resumes viewed, number of saved candidates, and number of candidates shortlisted for interviews
  • Recent Applicants listed in order by job type applied for with link to each applicant’s profile and CV/resume

The new PADI Job Board makes it easier to seek and attract candidates:

  • Capture the attention of top applicants by creating a compelling company profile. Employers can include detailed business descriptions with links to social media channels, location information including a map application, and profiles of current team members.
  • Create job posts using the Job Board’s intuitive job posting interface. Simply fill in the job description, add optional media such as images or video, and then choose from a variety of drop-down features to create fulltime, part-time, temporary or internship positions. Save favorite job descriptions as templates for easy re-posting in the future.
  • Leverage the Manage Jobs feature to quickly view and manage all open positions. Easily view applications by job posting, make edits to a job post, fill or delete a job.
  • View, manage and contact applicants to match a position with the perfect candidate. Tag favorite applicants to add to a shortlist, plus take actions including downloading applicant’s CVs/resume and viewing cover letters. Employers can also search all public candidate profiles for potential matches.

New Features for PADI Professionals

Similar to the Employer experience, PADI Pros creating “candidate” accounts also have a dashboard to help monitor and manage job opportunities:

  • Notifications can be set so candidates are notified of new job posts, invitations to apply for a job, invitations to interview, and notifications when placed on an employer’s shortlist or when rejected for a position.
  • Application statistics give candidates a high-level view of total number of jobs applied for and favorite jobs.
  • Jobs applied recently provides an overview of the most recent jobs applicants have applied for.

Additional features for job-seeking candidates include:

  • A professional profile where applicants can really stand out from the crowd. Customize contact information, add a profile photo and professional description, highlight languages spoken, include links to social media and more. Candidates can choose to make their profile public so potential employers can more readily find them, or set it to private and only share when applying for jobs.
  • Job applications listings so candidates can quickly see and manage jobs applied for.
  • CV Manager – in addition to creating a professional profile, candidates also have the option of uploading a CV/resume to their account for potential employers to download and view.

When it comes to searching for jobs, candidates have loads of options. Candidates can search by a variety of categories, including Teaching and Guiding, Photo/Video, Office/Shop staff, Boat Crew, PADI Corporate and Other Jobs (for positions that don’t fit into one of the previous categories). Candidates may also search by job title/keywords/phrases and location.

Check out the new Job Board at


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